Elliott And Perrottet Tour Coalfields

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, and Member for Castle Hill, Dominic Perrottet, yesterday toured the Hunter Valley’s coalfields to examine the economic impact of coalmining on the NSW economy.

 “It is imperative we ensure the continued success of our coal mining industries, especially when Federal Labor’s carbon tax has wiped a billion dollars off the value of some of our coalimes,’’ Mr Elliott said.

 “Coal remains the cheapest and most efficient way to generate reliable baseload power supplies and I am determined to ensure NSW continues to meet its energy demands.”

 Mr Elliott said coal was the best way to ensure electricity prices remained reasonable.

 “Renewable energy sources are still in their infancy and place too much strain on household budgets.” Mr Elliott said

 Mr Perrottet said that coal mines formed an integral part of many NSW communities and needed to be protected from extreme Greens policies.

 “While certain elements in our community think that they are protecting the environment by opposing coal, they are really just trying to destroy jobs,” Mr Perrottet said.

 “Entire towns cities are founded on coal and to remove this lifeblood will result in economic disaster for New South Wales.

 “By striking a balance we can ensure continued economic growth and sustainable development and we can only do that through educating ourselves better about coal.’’ Mr Perrottet said

 Mr Elliott and Mr Perrottet toured the Ravensworth complex and the Bayswater Power Station as guests of the NSW Mineral Council.