Heliport Should Be Considered For Norwest: Elliott

Member for Baulkham Hills David Elliott has offered his support for the consideration of a heliport in Norwest Business Park.

 In a Private Members Statement to Parliament last Thursday, Mr Elliott said that the presence of the Norwest Private Hospital and the number of large corporations now based in Norwest meant a heliport was an option worth exploring.

 “I am already aware that firms engaged in the mining industry, based at Norwest, have chartered helicopters to travel to Hunter Valley sites and the demand for a service between Parramatta and Sydney Airport has also made this matter worthy of public discussion,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Over the next few years the park will slowly grow to accommodate a further 15,000 employees, meaning that a total of 35,000 employees will be working in the park,” Mr Elliott said.

 “To this end it is my belief that we should begin a debate in The Hills about the merits of having a heliport in the Norwest Business Park.

 “Such a move will give Norwest the edge in attracting large multinational firms. A heliport will make the business park more accessible and practical to such large enterprises.

 “Of course, there will have to be regulations about hours of operation to ensure that the local community is not adversely disrupted.”

 Mr Elliott said a heliport would establish the Hills as a cutting edge business destination.

 “Such an innovative approach may well set the north-west apart and ensure that the park’s stellar growth continues into the future.” Mr Elliott said.