Dear Harold, Thanks for the Memories

After four years as a Director of Life Education, Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott has completed his term on the NSW Board and last week attended his last meeting.
Mr Elliott said he loved every minute of his time with Life Ed and hoped to continue with the organisation in some other capacity.
“Unfortunately my Parliamentary and Committee duties have made it very difficult to continue as a Director of Life Education and I reluctantly handed in my resignation to Chief Executive, the Reverend Jay Bacik, last week,” Mr Elliott said.
Mr Elliott said he vividly remembers Life Ed commencing its program in western Sydney when he was a young school boy.
“I never dreamed that one day I would work with Healthy Harold to help promote anti drug campaigns across NSW.
“It’s been a privilege to work with Reverend Bacik and Chairman Alan Cadman over the last four years and I look forward to watching further growth by Life Ed in NSW.
“Now that my own sons are of the age that Healthy Harold visits their school to teach them of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse I am even more passionate about ensuring Life Ed’s ongoing success.”
Mr Elliott said he would continue to speak out against the state sponsored heroin injection room, teenage alcohol abuse and the spread of so called “party drugs”.