Hills M2 Work Continues Into The Holiday Period

Major work on the Hills M2 will continue toward the holiday period, with motorists reminded to drive safely during the Christmas period.

 “December generally includes a number of days of higher than average traffic periods with many motorists changing work travel patterns, undertaking seasonal shopping trips or visiting unfamiliar areas to call on friends and family,” said project spokesman, Peter Colacino.

 “Last Sunday the remaining section of the Beecroft bus ramp over the motorway was dismantled and removed.

 “Excavation works are continuing in the westbound Norfolk Tunnel with around the clock intensive works planned over the Christmas and New Year periods.

 “With many people visiting unfamiliar areas, it is important to plan ahead and to ensure local traffic conditions including lane or road closures are considered.

 “Motorists using Hills M2 can access roadwork information at www.hillsm2.com.au or by calling 1800 196 266, and selecting the Hills M2 Upgrade option. General traffic information can also be accessed at www.livetraffic.com or 13 27 01.

 “Despite the higher average traffic through December, the final week of the month and early January is characterised by low traffic levels. To make the most of these periods of low traffic additional work will be undertaken in the Norfolk Tunnel during this time.

 “Through undertaking these extended periods of excavation, the number of nights worked within the tunnel and the noise impacts on residents can be reduced.

 “Roadworks will continue in the weeks prior to Christmas and during the holiday period.”

 Information on traffic arrangements during this time will be made available shortly. 

 Widening works will continue until mid-2013.

 The following table shows roadworks and lane closures between Monday, 10 December and Sunday, 23 December, weather permitting, as part of the $550 million Hills M2 Upgrade.


For more information on the Hills M2 Upgrade, visit www.hillsm2upgrade.com.au or contact 1800 196 266 or via enquiries@hillsm2upgrade.com.au.

For up to date traffic information contact the Transport Management Centre at livetraffic.com or 132 701.

For up to date information on bus services contact 131 500, Hillsbus (02) 9890 0000 or Busways – (02) 9625 8900.