Kids Can Drown Without A Sound

Parents must be vigilant to keep their children safe around inflatable and portable pools this summer, Health Minister Jillian Skinner said today at the launch of the Kids Can Drown Without A Sound campaign.

 The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network inflatable and portable pool safety campaign provides resources for pool owners and parents in 16 different languages

 Mrs Skinner said children under five are over-represented in statistics for drowning deaths and near-drowning incidents in swimming pools. She urged parents to be mindful of safety issues around water this summer.

 “In 2010-2011, six children under the age of five drowned in NSW swimming pools and there were 30 near-drowning incidents,” Mrs Skinner said.

 “Inflatable swimming pools are increasing in popularity due to their easy set-up, low cost and affordability but they present the same drowning hazards as large pools.”

 Pool owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of children in their homes. By law, inflatable or portable swimming pools capable of being filled with more than 30cm of water require a four-sided fence.

 “Even in small or large pools, kids can drown in seconds and without a sound,” Mrs Skinner said.

 “Kids Can Drown Without a Sound resources and the Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids checklist for pool owners and parents are available in 16 different languages.”

 Safety issues for inflatable and portable pools include: 

  • Small pools should only be used if they are emptied and stored after use;
  • Larger portable pools should only be used if fenced;
  • Fines apply for those who do not have a four-sided fence around any pool that can be filled with more than 30cm of water;
  • Children under five should be supervised at all times

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