Royal Commission Into Child Abuse Not Established Lightly: Elliott

Member for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott has welcomed the NSW Government’s decision to establish a Royal Commission into child abuse.

 In speech to the Parliament last Wednesday, Mr Elliott said that while the Royal Commission is a delicate matter, it was important to address the issue of child abuse directly.

 “Child sexual abuse is one of the most abhorrent crimes that can be committed, made worse by the innocence of its victims,” Mr Elliott said.

 He told the Parliament “As a father of two young boys I, like many parents in this House, am disturbed and have a particular view about the way this crime has been covered up over the years, so I am very keen to see light shone upon this crime,”

 Mr Elliott said he was determined to ensure the Royal Commission addressed the issue of child abuse on a broad scale and that the Commission would not be used for political purposes to target any one institution.

 “This royal commission has wide terms of reference which will no doubt ensure that the conduct of many institutions will be examined in this regard and that is exactly how it should be,” Mr Elliott said.

 “Child abuse is not unique to any one institution and to suggest otherwise is unfair and, frankly, ignorant.”