Second Anniversary Met With Confidence

Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott celebrated the second anniversary of the O’Farrell Government’s election with a “meet and greet” of early morning commuters at the busy Baulkham Hills junction bus stop.

 “It came as no shock to me that most commuters wanted to know about the M2 widening and North West Rail Link,” Mr Elliott said.

 Mr Elliott said the mid-term report given to him by most constituents has been positive.

 “Of course people have a variety of views about what the Government’s priorities should be.

 “Whilst I am more than happy with the pace of planning for the North West Rail Link and the Government’s progress in reducing the debt we inherited, there remains a number of projects I hope to make a priority as we face the second half of our term.”

 Mr Elliott named the proposed Windsor Road pedestrian over-pass near Our Lady of Lourdes and more commuter car parking as two issues he will be lobbying for.

 “Having capped public sector wages and created 100,000 new jobs I think confidence in the NSW economy is growing and that will eventually lead to more money for essential services.” Mr Elliott said.

 Mr Elliott said the side-show of Federal Labor’s continued leadership speculation and State Labor’s disastrous ICAC inquiry was extremely damaging to the reputation of Australian politics.

 “I think there will be a collective sigh of relief when Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister. Like Barry O’Farrell, Mr Abbott’s election will put Labor out of its misery”.